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We offer years of experience in handling large IT infrastructures and systems. For our clients we are able to setup, manage and maintain the most popular operation systems with the needed secure and high-performance environment and settings. We manage server infrastructures not only in our data center environment but have worked also with many other platforms like Amazon AWS, Rackspace, The Planet etc.

24/7 System Administration

If you strive for the highest level of protection and reaction time in a cost-effective package, then you will find our services just what you were looking for. We offer a unique and flexible 24/7 remote IT system administration service that will ensure your server infrastructure is continuously monitored and protected and backed-up.

On-Demand System Administration

Whenever you are launching a new project or have a certain task that cannot be solved by your in-house team we are here to help. We will jump-in and proceed with a cost-effective solution on an hourly basis.

Monitoring Services

  • System Availability
  • File System Space
  • System Resources
  • Operational Log Monitoring

Troubleshooting Intervention

  • Proceed with documented standard operating procedures as necessary
  • Provide 24/7 support and take action for monitored operating system alerts
  • Provide 24/7 intervention for critical system level conditions in the operating system environment
  • Cause analysis that lead to critical events