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AttractSoft consists of a unique blend of highly qualified and motivated professionals with diverse backgrounds.
Our Team of 45 people is spread in three offices around Europe: Germany, Bulgaria and Ukraine.


AttractSoft GmbH is a new generation internet company that invents, develops and operates outstanding web 2.0 services. The in-house developed clustered grid platform enables the stable growth and development of these services. More than 2.2 million users from all over the world have already chosen to host their online applications and web sites in the internet cloud that we have built on our infrastructure.

The company finds its roots back in 2002 when the idea for providing free rock-solid web hosting services was born after the DOT COM bubble burst. By that time it was obvious that the need for innovative thinking opened space for a new company to become a market leader, what Awardspace.com – our flagship service turned into. We pioneered the internet by providing professional LAMP web hosting services on a multi-server platform for all users completely free. We specialize in managing enormous amounts of server loads and user traffic by developing effective load balanced software-hardware solutions.


Dimitar Dimitrov – Co-Founder & CEO

Dimitar Dimitrov is the founder and CEO of the Alliance. He is a result driven visionary with entrepreneurial spirit and pursuit for perfection. He has more than 10 years experience in computer networking and building user oriented applications.
Prior to the launch of the first free web hosting service Atspace.com he gained valuable know-how in Rila Solutions AD. where he worked from 2000-2003 as a Web Developer, System-Analyst and Team Lead.
Born in Sofia Bulgaria, with an International education he Graduated B.Sc. in Telecommunications and M.Sc. in Digital Communications in the CAU-Kiel Germany. He also holds a MCP certificate. (Microsoft Certified Professional)

Miroslav Spaskov – Co-Founder & CTO

Miroslav Spaskov is the Chief Technical Officer and co-founder of the AttractSoft GmbH & Zetta Hosting Solutions Alliance. Working on various projects for other companies in the past, he gained lots of knowledge and technical experience. Being close to the web applications and customer feedback made him an expert in building website architecture.
He oversees the system infrastructure, speed, creativity and approach to perfection in providing products and services to the end customers and business partners around the world.
Miroslav holds B.Eng and M.Eng degrees in Telecommunications after 6-year study at the Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria.

Nestor Yurukov – Co-Founder & COO

Nestor Yurukov is Co-founder and COO of the AttractSoft GmbH & Zetta Hosting Solutions Alliance. He started his way in the Internet business in 2003 working for a company providing online booking software and customer support solutions for the travel industry worldwide. Later on he gave up his supervisor position at the support team to start working as a Project Manager in a leading USA web hosting company, outsourcing in Bulgaria. Working extensively with clients all over the world, leading diverse internal and external development projects, helped him gain an intimate knowledge of client’s habits and needs. An experience that designated his interests in the field of customer care and team management.
Nestor holds Bachelor degree, Mechanical Engineer of Technical University Sofia and Masters degree, Finance from the University of National and World Economy Sofia.