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Managed Detection and Response Services

Are you looking for a security partner who you can work with day and night to ensure you are secure?

Cyber threats are growing in both volume and sophistication, and failure to detect and respond in a timely manner is the biggest challenge all organizations are facing today. Keeping up with the latest threats requires more investment and skilled staff than many organizations cannot attain easily. Attractsoft’s Managed Detection and Response services are designed to shift to a more proactive managed detection and response which helps achieve cybersecurity maturity while lowering the costs. Our offering monitors your environment continuously, detecting and responding to threats using real-time, proprietary analysis and threat data. In addition to day-to-day protection, you will also receive recommendations from our expert security team to help prevent future attacks.

Attractsoft’s Managed Defense and Response service focus takes a hybrid security approach that takes the best of technologies, machine learning, threat hunting and provides exceptional threat lifecycle visibility at low cost for small and medium businesses. 

Why MDR and not just MSSP?

Combating the modern cyber adversary requires continuous protection, active hunting, deep forensic analysis using cyber threat intel, and real-time threat detection. In today’s always online cyber landscape, simple alerting is no longer enough. The traditional MSSP approach including technologies such as firewalls, anti-virus and log management (SIEM) are now only the beginning to a properly secured network. The real difference with MDR is the active trained professionals using the proper strategy with the right tools. Having the right people, process, and technology in place for detection and response is critical to minimizing the risk of a major breach.


Increased resilience of security posture

By reducing the window of opportunity for the threat actor by detecting and remediating them quickly from the environment, increase the resilience of security posture. Our services are aimed to ensure protection from new, successful attacks within minutes, not days.

Strengthen first line of defense

Managed Response empowers response teams to protect their organization against security breaches by providing methods to evaluate, improve, and maintain the security. Our services will provide clear remediation steps to thwart an attack before it becomes a breach.

Proactive threat detection and resolution

By leveraging Attractsoft’s carefully picked threat Intelligence feeds, you can detect threats in the environment and get actionable guidance on next steps to eradicate them before they become major incidents. ·

Strengthen security posture with extended team

Our mission is to accelerate your security program with the right tools and resources necessary to protect your business. Our service focuses on tailored intel based on in-depth knowledge of your environment and your security requirements.


As your security partner, we will help you build, deploy and monitor security solutions according to organizations security requirements within your security budget and without compromising security. We can also help organizations who have heavily invested in security tools but are not getting any return for their investments.

Our security experts will be continuously monitoring your environment for security incidents and will provide detailed analysis and remediation plans. This iterative process and constant improvement will result in strengthening the organization’s overall security posture.

Our teams are constantly looking for new threats in the wild and searching for them in your environment. Logs are essential for a successful threat hunting program; our security experts will work with you to ensure that essential security events are captured from your infrastructure. Our pre-designed threat hunting playbooks will get you started as soon as logs are on boarded and with time, we will be able to prepare a ‘baseline’ on what is normal to your organization and quickly act upon the outliers.

Our security experts are an extension to your IT and Security Team, we will work in collaboration with your security team and IT teams. Our monitoring services are powered by human intelligence and machine learning capabilities to stay ahead of the threats.