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Zeit Verlag – Chancen & Karriere

Together with SWprojekt we have realized an advertisement portfolio platform for the Zeit Publishing Company – Germany’s leading newspaper publishing house.

Die Zeit Online

Together with SWprojekt and freiheit.com we worked and developed the user interface of the Zeit’s advertising management Software ANTON.
This project is password protected and not accessible without username and password.


Printi’s infrastructure is a hybrid EC2 & S3 solution that ensures flexibility and scalability for future growth. We established automated scripts to simplify staging and deployment procedures as well as creating incremental backups on the aws storage on a daily basis.

Alcohol & Tabakoff

We developed a website for Alcohol & Tabakoff store chain, showcasing their premium coffee and alcohol beverage stores.


We developed a website for Husshe fashion brand.

Pension Fund ‘Saglasie’

We developed a website for pension fund ‘Saglasie’, featuring an interactive chart that displays the funds values.


For our client Unimob we’ve developed a modern look and feel to showcase their brand loyalty system.

Horse Riding Club ‘Martima’

A website developed for or client – ‘Martima’ horse riding club and guest house.