Web Development

We are problem solvers

Building solid web applications for our clients and services is the backbone of our company.
We are building custom platform solutions from scratch as well as integrating and customizing existing software applications.

Frontend & Backend Development Technologies We Use

The Internet is a fast changing environment, where new technologies and opportunities appear on a daily basis.
Our goal is to specialize and use tools and programming languages that meet their exact purpose.
At the same time our  team is staying  up to date with cutting edge technologies by visiting and contributing to workshops, seminars and exhibitions all around Europe.


Used Database Types

The core of every platform is its database design and functionality.
Depending on the infrastructure, use case and performance requirements we elaborate the best database solution for our projects.


Integration & Development of Open Source Software Solutions

Open Source is great. We are using and contributing to the Open Source Community on a daily basis.
We have deep knowledge in the following Software Solutions.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Customer Realtionship Management (CRM)

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