Graphic & UI/UX Design

Tick Tock. You have 7 Seconds.

Your website has 7 seconds to keep a new visitor to decide whether he stays or he looks further.
Our goal is to make sure your visitors not only stay on your site, but also convert into future clients.

Website Design

Design meets functionality. We provide custom web site designs that stands out from the competition. We build more than just bog-standard front-end designs. We like to achieve an intuitive architecture that is guiding the users through the flow of actions that you are foreseeing them to do. Websites need to be designed intelligently in order to stay consistent with your company brand and incorporate your business in a professional way.

Website Design Case Studies

OneForAll Club




For our client OneForAll Club, a customer loyality programm with a strong focus on charity we have developed a design that beside the presentation of the programm is adapting and changing the full size site background with children drawings from one of the supported drawing school projects.




Based on the Magento Ecommerce Software we have developed a custom web design that meets the exclusivity approach of our client to offer only top performer electronics products. With enough space for large and high quality product images the design achieves its purpose to put those products into a favourable perspective.




For our largest end-consumer Hosting Service that hosts more than 1.5 Mio. users we have created a simple design that brings the hosting services and packages into focus of attention.

UI/UX Design

We are very passionate about an intuitive user experience.
We focus on the wants and needs of the user in order to create enduring solutions with the help of our experience in research, strategy and design methods.

UI/UX Design Case Studies




ResellerCluster is our white label Web Hosting reseller service. More than 50 thousand resellers have already joined our reseller platform and created their own reseller stores. In order to simplify the signup process we have built an easy to use 3 steps registration form that is instantly live-checking all entries the users make.

Web Hosting Control Panel




For all our and our resellers’ clients we have developed an absolutely unique web hosting control panel. From a completely customizable dashboard up to every single settings tool – every part of it is designed for functionality down to the last detail far more advanced than any other off-the-shelf solution like cPanel or Plesk.

Die Zeit Online




Together with SWprojekt and we worked and developed the user interface of the Zeit’s advertising management Software ANTON.

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